Casual Protective Clothing?

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Casual Protective Clothing?

Post by Jim99 » Nov 15 2016 4:42pm

I am thinking about designing a line of casual light protective clothing specific to e-bikers and wondering if anyone would be interested in wearing something like that? Currently I can only find stormtrooper like protection (e.g. downhill mountain bike protection) but nothing more casual for getting to and from work or city riding. Does anyone know if there is something good on the market already? What kind of protective clothing would people be interested in? Thanks for your input! Jim

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Re: Casual Protective Clothing?

Post by Robocog » Nov 17 2016 11:45am

HEre is your task. Make Kevlar patches for ass and knees. With mesh everywhere else. It would sell.

I am putting together a 25 mph mid. And, after not being on a bicycle for a while, THAT IS FAST. And so, protective gear is a good thing.

Oh, I KNOW FAST. I have a VERY racy R1 that is 65 lbs lighter, two teeth up on rear, pipe and air. Grunt like only a ducati knows.

I designed a iron in Kevlar patch to your existing mom jeans. I had to flee, before I got it going, but will again soon. The trick, will be keeping the Kevlar patch centered. Maybe a ring all the way around the knee. And a stirrup.

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Re: Casual Protective Clothing?

Post by Ykick » Nov 17 2016 1:15pm

What sort of "protection" are you talking about?

Road rash? Collision? Weather? I'm more interested in the later.

Something relatively waterproof, electrically heated and fairly easy to adorn would grab my attention.
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