Cooperation between e-bike builders & shops

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Cooperation between e-bike builders & shops

Post by Alex Imreh » Dec 25 2017 6:12pm

Do you have a shop selling e-bikes? Are you a small bike builder and you dream about small production? You want to compete as a small business against big business? You want to compete against (or work with) China e-bike companies? If you are interested in cooperation with other bike buikders pls introduce yourself, say a few words about your plans.

Big Business examples: 1# Between 1999-2016 Continental invested 1,2 billion euro in Romania – 7 factories and 4 research centers. It is the biggest employer in the auto business from Romania – 19500 employees in 2017. The company is developing new e-bike technologies in Sibiu și Timișoara, Cycle Union and TechniBike will use these new engines starting with 2018. It will be like a combination of Bosch systems and Nuvinci variable transmission in one.
2# The consortium EU-LIVE brings 12 partners from six countries together. Groupe PSA is the only carmaker participating in this urban mobility project. It is funded by the European Commission with a subsidy of € 6.7 million of the ‘Horizon 2020 GV5’ Research and Innovation program. ... s-10132257

China example: SurRon FireFly - ... 28&t=89902

EU Bike Builder example:

I have an e-bike shop in Romania, a friend of mine is designer in Croatia, 2-3 friends sell every month a few big e-bikes, each about 4-5000Euro. We think about sharing a new design, a modular frame and components. Stefan from Austria bought 100 Kelly controllers he can offer good price for these controllers, I have in stock smart chargers same as offered by LunaCycle, ..

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Re: Cooperation between e-bike builders & shops

Post by efMX Trials Electric Freeride » Feb 07 2018 12:03pm

There is another new kid on the block..

Evolution Power Bikes Rino :
large battery compartment, claimed range up to 300km! moto seat option and aluminum frame version also in the works.. custom options available.. maybe we can talk them into doing a mid drive version next..

Image ... =3&t=92693
some ride & sk8 videos:
i have nothing for sale.. :)

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