Looking for 36V Battery < 100Whr with UN 38.3 Certificate

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Looking for 36V Battery < 100Whr with UN 38.3 Certificate

Post by asterysk » Jul 13 2018 8:16am

I am looking at my options for carrying Lithium Battery packs with me on a passenger aircraft so I can travel with my electric Brompton. What started as an easy survey of iATA guidance documents turned into many hours research into the rabbit hole of UN 38.3 ( UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3).

TL;DR I need to source modular Lithium battery packs , 36V nominal , with <= 100 WH and that are tested to conform with UN 38.3. For my own peace of mind this means I would like the battery to have the UN 38.3 conformance stamped on it and to have access to the conformance test certificate for that battery model . This is not proving an easy task !

If anyone knows a source I would be grateful for a link. I have sent an email to Grin about their LiGo's and waiting for a response.

On an aside , I checked with Brompton UK about their Electric Brompton batteries and they are apparently stamped with UN 38.3 (but are more than 100WH !!). I also checked on the more popular cordless drill manufacturers and none of them have the UN 38.3 stamped on them but they do have the certificates available . I also discovered that there is no actual requirement for battery manufacturers to publish the UN 38.3 test although this changes in 2020.

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