New electric motorcycle shop in Austin TX

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New electric motorcycle shop in Austin TX

Post by veloman » Aug 03 2018 1:26pm

I just took a test ride on one of the electric motorcycles at #zbikezatx in Austin tx. They are a great value at $4300 for the base model. Perfect city transportation. Good quality components and fill a much needed gap below the higher end well known brands like Zero.

They use one of the large QS motor rear hubs. Maybe sinewave controller because it is silent? Not sure. The model I rode which is 4300 tops out at 45mph which is fine for around town. Range 45miles. Super light, I would guess about 200lbs. But it really looks the part of a sport bike. They have faster and more powerful models that go up to 70 or 80mph. The large scooter is the fastest and has the biggest battery.

They also sell affordable ebikes and moped class scooters. If you are in Central TX I recommend checking them out. The owner Michael is a good guy and has built this entire lineup as the store's own brand.
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