Discount codes for EM3ev?

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Discount codes for EM3ev?

Post by steven.b.watts » Sep 20 2018 9:14am

I was shopping for a Bafang BBSHD and came across
I emailed them some unrelated questions and asked if the price was flexible. He said no but there are 5% discount coupons for signing up for the newsletter and 10% for sharing a fb link or something.
I emailed EM3ev similar questions about 2 days ago, and specifically enquired about any sort of discount (gave examples), no response (yet).
Does anyone know of any way to get a 5% or 10% discount on EM3ev?
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Re: Discount codes for EM3ev?

Post by marty » Sep 22 2018 9:40am
For Business/Dealer, we can offer quantity discounts, please get in touch if you have any questions: Contact Us.
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Re: Discount codes for EM3ev?

Post by pwd » Sep 26 2018 9:39am

Em3ev offers a 5% discount if you pay via bank transfer instead of paypal. Don't forget to check shipping costs to you from em3ev vs goldenmotor
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