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ebikeparts store in Europe with free shipping

Posted: Oct 06 2018 3:04am
by Ste Hu
Hi all,

I would like to introduce
Nice store with the most common parts like

Kelly Controller
Sabvoton Controller
Cromotor / QS 205 50H
MXUS 3k Turbo + 5K Turbo
Domino throttles
Magura MT5e
19" front rims
a few 500/1000w Sets

And free shipping from 200,-

Re: ebikeparts store in Europe with free shipping

Posted: Jun 08 2020 4:26pm
by Iamnot
I ordered a 3000w motor/wheel.

I had to ask a question after I ordered it and they swiftly replied and also told me it would not be despatched for 5 days (no explanation why) but they said they would pay extra for "express" shipping. (I assumed the delay was because it had to be laced to a rim)

After 1 week I asked for tracking info but got no reply
After 10 days I asked them what was going on ?? and if I didn't get a reply I would be asking paypal for a refund and they replied saying it was "on the way" and they would send the tracking no "later" without any explanation of the delay.
After 14 days I sent a shitty e-mail (plenty of swearing and abuse) and they replied with a tracking no !!!
After 23 days (or just now) the tracking shows "Waiting for the seller shipping" !! No explanations or apologies !! so they got another (even shittier more abusive) e-mail. I'll update you on that one later

If I had ordered it from china I would have arrived a week ago and I would have saved money.

So don't trust or buy from this seller as he is a lowlife lying scumbag who is going to mess you about and you will wish you had saved some money and time and bought it direct from China.

Re: ebikeparts store in Europe with free shipping

Posted: Jun 09 2020 12:00am
by Tolkano

I had the total opposite experience with this seller

Got a great deal on a domino throttle, shipped out almost immediately and would have received it within 2 weeks had it not spent a month in customs :lol: