A decent deal on NOS Panasonic (made in Japan) NCR18650PF

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A decent deal on NOS Panasonic (made in Japan) NCR18650PF

Post by Smoke » Dec 15 2018 12:41pm

I bought a case of 180 cells on eBay for $500 + shipping, that's about $3 a cell for a 2,900 mAh 10 amp cell.

So far what I have tested with an Opus charger seem to be in line with the spec. Tested in a 40° f room and later with the charger in a metal can to try to hold in some heat, 1,000 mA charge, 700 mA discharge, I get 2,800-2,850 mAh capacity and internal resistance between 50-80 depending on how much they cool off before I test.

It's not a super high capacity cell or a super high current cell but decent on both counts. If you want a tiny pack capable of big current, this probably isn't the best cell. If you have less draw but want as much capacity per area/weight, there are better cells for that too. There are higher performance cells out there but not at $3/cell as far as I can tell.

As of 12-15-18 the seller says he has about 8 cases left, his eBay seller name is divemaster85, he is shipping the cells out of Georgia and the full cases come in the fancy double box with six boxes of 30 cells inside of that.

They seem to be cells that were intended as service parts for Weego electric cars.

Any way, the seller seems like a good guy and once I've built up my pack I'll get to see what kind of range 1.9 kwh can do on an E-bike.
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Re: A decent deal on NOS Panasonic (made in Japan) NCR18650PF

Post by John1deere » Jan 22 2019 10:46am

i can provide you those and also ncr18650bd which is also 10 amps but 3200 mah for cheaper if you are interested.

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