Prototype and CNC machining

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Prototype and CNC machining

Post by Amlie » Mar 05 2019 8:28am

Hi guys,
share with some CNC machining rapid prototype pictures with everybody here

CNC machining can process the plastic and metal material (eg ABS, PMMA ,PC Aluminum etc)
we can have all kind of surface teatment for the CNC machining part
painting (high mirror or matt surface), powder coating , chrome plating ,silk screen , laser engraving , anodizing and so on ... 71d2yBrflI
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Re: Prototype and CNC machining

Post by SlowCo » Mar 05 2019 8:43am

This might be interesting to some members here for special parts manufacturing. I've bookmarked the site :thumb:

Oh, and you know you're allowed to smile on your LinkedIn profile photo right? :wink:

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