Converting vintage mopeds to electric

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Re: Converting vintage mopeds to electric

Post by furcifer » May 02 2019 12:46pm

Do you post on MA? I think I've seen similar ideas bantered around there.

I have a Tomos Revival frame that's been stripped and painted. I think it would make a good candidate for a ~8000W mid drive. I don't think most of the bigger hub motors will fit the swing arm. The Revival has one of the biggest swing arms of all the mopeds so I'm curious if you're going that route or using mid-drives?

I think an adapter bracket that replaces the 2T on a Tomos with an electric might generate some interest.

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Re: Converting vintage mopeds to electric

Post by gaber » May 17 2019 8:05pm

I’m not the person you’re looking for, but am in the planning stages of turning a magnum into an electric. I’ve done a lot of thinking about it, and am leaning towards the QS motors 205 3000w. Rear dropout for that motor is ~150mm and 3kw should give similar power as a good kitted build.
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