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Re: My Performance Chinese E-Scooter

Post by Dui, ni shuo de dui » Sep 15 2020 7:40pm

evo1087 wrote:
Aug 28 2020 2:01am
What diameter is your hub motor on your scooter/moped? Mine is 8” on 10” wheel. I can only run 7kw for 15 minutes before the phase wires are heat to 60 celcius. Im thinking of some 0w oil in there or maybe glue on some ugly heat sinks as a last resort. I can achieve 80kph @67v with flux weakening. Im thinking of trying 80+v and less amps. The acceleration will suffer probably, but maybe I can generate less heat and more top speed? Do you know any chinese controller with variable regen? All I know is the ASI Bac controller line designed in Canada and (from what i’ve heard) made in China and sold for $1600 with control of tune and $1000 with a fixed tune setting. I think the controllers in China for 15kw are $500? Correct me if i am wrong.
Diameter is same as yours I guess, it's what QC calls a 10 inch motor.
60Celsius isn't a lot, those motors can take 90degree C reliably, some people are less cautious than I am and even push them up to 100 degree or more.

Go for a higher voltage is always a good solution as long as you can find a powerful controller in your price range. It should indeed lower the current a bit, thus lowering the temperature.

I know some chinese controllers with variable regen, but I do not know any I could recommend. Some are really good products but with a horrific customer service, some other are simply bad products. I find variable regen to be a bit of a gadget personnally. I'd say dont focus too much on that and take this option as a bonus, I'd rather focus on reliability, performance and quality of the throttle feeling. To be honest right now there is no controller I could really recommend anymore.
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Re: My Performance Chinese E-Scooter

Post by evo1087 » Sep 15 2020 11:28pm

Thanks for advice. Where do you measure temperture from? I hear people say measure at the axle if your controller does not have a temp probe inside of it. I measure mine on the phase wire where the motor connects to the controller. Probably too far from the motor to get an accurate reading of any kind but provides a scalable idea of temp increase. What do you think of the 12kw (constant) 13" hub motor from QS? This guy on YouTube runs a it and says he needs 4 torque plates on the swingarm which is also heavy duty. I was quoted a few years ago $600 not including shipping. It is a good price. My only concern is weight. The bike would need to reinforced.

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