Living with removable batteries

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Living with removable batteries

Post by chazw » Sep 16 2019 9:28am

I am looking at a few different commercially available and soon to be available Electric Scooters and Motorcycles. I live in an urban environment and want to receive some info from current owners on the topic of charging. I am trying to decide on whether or not removable batteries will satisfy getting me around and carrying them around to recharge. If you have experience with vehicles like the Mahindra GenZe scooter, NIU N Series or M Series scooter, UNU scooter, Kymco Ionex, Gogoro, or even fixed battery vehicles like the Vespa Electtrica or BMW cEvolution, please provide your thoughts.

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Re: Living with removable batteries

Post by AngryBob » Sep 26 2019 8:54am

general thoughts - 1. They are heavy and awkward to carry around. 2. The connectors often have a limited cycle life. 3. The connectors often are proprietary, expensive and/or difficult to replace, and lock you into a specific replacement battery. 4. I have yet to see anyone actually using this procedure, ever. 5. I have decided it is better to make the battery MORE difficult, rather than quick and easy, to remove. YMMV

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Re: Living with removable batteries

Post by John in CR » Oct 28 2019 9:22pm

To me urban environment means short distances. Now that I live much closer and don't have the 60km/day commute, none of my bikes require daily charging even if used exclusively. Removable batteries don't even cross my mind. Can't you charge at home or at work with batteries securely mounted on the bike? What kind of daily minimum distance do you need?

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Re: Living with removable batteries

Post by Dui, ni shuo de dui » Oct 30 2019 9:04pm

Here in China removable batteries are a very common thing and most people live with it without any problem.
Some people even have removable lead acid batteries...
So if in your case it's lithium batteries, then it's not really heavy. Perfectly fine to live with it unless maybe if you're extremely lazy to carry it for a few meters.
The only important thing would be to charge it in a relatively safe spot, think in advance about what could happen in the very unlikely case that the battery overcharges and catches fire. The chance of it happening is extremely low, but there is a chance, so find a spot far away from flamable stuff, invest in a good fire extinguisher (though it isnt' always enough), or think about some place where you could easily kick the battery outside. Don't get paranoid, but have some common sense.

I never seen much people having issues with connectors, so I'd say it's not a really common thing, unless maybe if they were poorly engineered in the first place. Your battery is much more likely to die because a few cells gets old than because of the connector. Connectors are easy enough to replace anyways, no need to go for the proprietary stuff, if it fries just get any connector you want (and that matches the continuous current discharge it will have to face).
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