Hello everybody

Show off your E-Scooter or Motorcycle creation here.
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leyva.ale   10 mW

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Hello everybody

Post by leyva.ale » May 18 2020 9:13pm

This is my ride.Very basic but i love it!!!

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amberwolf   100 GW

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Re: Hello everybody

Post by amberwolf » May 19 2020 3:48am

leyva.ale wrote:
May 18 2020 9:13pm
This is my ride.Very basic but i love it!!!
If you intended to post a picture, it didn't work.

Use the Attachments tab below where you type your post, and click the Add Files button, and browse to the folder on your computer where you saved the pics, to attach them to your post.

If you didn't intend to post a pic, then I'd have to say it's a pretty good invisible ride. :-P

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Dauntless   100 GW

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Re: Hello everybody

Post by Dauntless » May 19 2020 12:41pm

Hey, now that Amberwolf brought it up the trolls can't troll it when I tell you how trying to say it's "Insulting."

You click on that attachments tab on the lower left and then on add files to pick your pic. Clicking place inline will give you the text you see in the post at the bottom and that will make it visible. A pic somewhere around the size of this one is about as big as you can get.
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I should have done this last night but I didn't want them to disrupt your thread.
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