Two Builds in Progress

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Two Builds in Progress

Post by therebeldad » Mar 28 2021 12:01am

So I posted a while back about putting a hub motor into the MX500- after too much fighting with it to get it to stay in the drop outs I gave up hope, I also couldnt figure out braking since it was getting huge tires on it as well.

So Im back with an update / 2 new builds I'm doing simultaneously.

First is a 1977 Malaguti Commuter which has been the recipient of the 48v 1000w hub motor from the previously disastrous MX build. Few things left on it: rear brakes since the moped came with drum brakes on the front, finish up the seat to make it comfy and the battery box/seat skirt. Its currently doing 25mph and way to much fun! I did have a tear out previously and will have to replace the motor wiring. its the 20x4 Fat tire kit from amazon.

On to the MX...
I have turned it into a potential monster! I replaced the axel on the moped rear hub (16x2.25 rear tire 20" over all) to fit into the drop outs. I am building a motor mount to move the motor to where the lower battery tray was. I replaced the front end with a 24" mtb front end ( added a 1" ID pipe into the head tube for the 1" stem. Upgrading to 420 chain to match the moped rear sprocket. with the current ratio (2.55:1) the calculator has estimated top speed at 60mph (unloaded) with the 36v 500w motor (to be upgraded later on)

I will keep yall updated on the progress and actual top speeds!
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