Electric Volkspod (Mini motorcycle with VW Beetle fenders)

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Electric Volkspod (Mini motorcycle with VW Beetle fenders)

Post by brunopacola » Apr 05 2021 12:31pm


I'm new to the forum and I'm very happy to have met you. Before I even wrote this topic, I sailed for hours during the weekend and I am very happy with what I have learned. Thank you very much!!!

I would like to share my project and listen to your opinion. =)

At the end of the year I decided to build an Electric Volkspod (Volkspod is the name given by Walter Werks for a mini motorcycle built with Volkswagen Beetle fenders):


I started modeling for the mini bike. Look:

Image Image

In parallel I started researching some electrical kits on the internet and bought this one.


But I confess that I have been feeling a little insecure with the AliExpress supplier. I bought the Kit 60V 3000W (include 37A controller), but the controller I received was only 25A.


I asked for an hub motor test report, but the test report sent tested only 1500W:

Image Image

I would like to use 13x5-6 or 15x5-6 tires (around 300 to 380mm in diameter), so I chose this electrical kit. But I consider other measures of wheels and tires. For example: I have seen that electric scooters use a 6.5" hub motors. And 11" to 13" tires.

AliExpress: V-MART 13x5.00-6.5 Tire for 13 inch Motor wheels FLJ K6 Electric Scooter

AliExpress: Hub Motor 60v 1600W, 2800W, 3000W, 3500W with 60V/72V 11 inch for FLJ Electric Scooter

I also consider using mid motors, like QS Motor or Kunray. But if I can find a hub motor that can reach 45 km/h and not have difficulties with light uphill, I am satisfied! The maximum weight of the e-Volkspod + driver is 200kg

I would like to hear your open opinion and if you can help me with any questions:
  • This electric kit that I bought, can the hub motor really get 3000W?
  • Can I use a 45A-50A controller? Could you suggest any?
  • Maybe I should use two 1600W hub motors?
  • I thought of a 25aH battery, as the vehicle will be for short leisure trips. The battery technician told me that battery packs use batteries that support 2C. If the battery is 25AH, then it supports up to 50A peak current. I apologize, but I am very lay on the subject. What do you think?

And please ... feel free to correct me, guide me and suggest changes. I want to learn from you!!!

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