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Re: electric trial bike

Post by maitilupas » Oct 22 2018 2:40pm

mxs wrote:
Oct 15 2018 6:44am
I see now what you meant.
they heard us


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Re: electric trial bike

Post by mxs » Oct 22 2018 4:34pm

Well, it's too bad he's been testing 20" wheel version. I don't speak French but it looks to me like the 20" wheels. Clearly, it needs 24" wheels which will have inevitably longer swingarm. The same thing happened with Freerider ... sort of. First, they offered it in 20" version. Which is fine for people who look for something small, super light ... they don't expect it to be used in serious conditions. Just riding for fun ... Then they came up with 24"/24" set-up with longer swingarm ... vast improvement from geometry standpoint. After that they started offering 26"/24" which to me is the way to go, especially when combined with more agressive and durable tires.

I think the 20" Challenger would still be OK to play around house or nearby park. I do it on OSET 20R ... and it's full of compromises as well. But quite frankly they don't bother me for the 35mins quick stints. But I am personally more interested in 24" version Challenger, especially due to the cost being 1/2 of something like EM Sport, Dragonfly or GasGas electric offerings. They will surely be more capable, no questions about it, but way beyond what I could justify for my next purchase.

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