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Re: Custom Sport Scooter Project

Posted: Nov 27 2017 8:25am
by Scottydog
I stripped down the bike and pulled out all the old GBS cells. I could see the bad one looking slightly puffy.

It was kinda interesting to compare the old and the new as 3kWh for 3kWh. The difference in volume and weight being pretty apparent! The GBS in total were 100lbs, but as 3kWh would be 80lbs. In comparison the Volt module is 60lbs.

23722565_10155861193972790_6485950513595809674_n.jpg (115.1 KiB) Viewed 776 times
I am hoping that the realistic range of the scooter remains the same as even though on paper the 3.8kWh of the GBS is higher. I think there is this potential for several reasons.

1. The additional 40lbs in weight the scooter has to lug up hills with the GBS battery burning additional energy.

2. The higher efficiency losses of the GBS batteries through higher internal resistance. I noticed a 24% loss comparing the Cycle Analyst and the Kill-a-Watt for energy used. I gather when the scooter is run harder the worse this is?

3. Usable range from a charge. Because there is a bit a variability between the GBS cells, the range is dictated by the weakest cell. With the Volt module there will be far less variability so the usable range should be relatively better!

Re: Custom Sport Scooter Project

Posted: Nov 28 2017 8:53am
by Scottydog
With the old GBS cells removed was time to see how the new one would fit. I had built a stepped carbon base to make the GBS ones fit but as the new Volt battery is shorter this would not be needed.
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The moment of truth! The Volt battery fits in just right, though if I want to fit a longer 100V 4kWh one in might be a squeeze with the radii on the front and the rear of the lower engine cradle. So the next thing is to consider how to fix the battery to the cradle and also best option to weatherproof it as I don't believe the upper section of the battery is moisture proof and over time the split lines will allow potential corrosion of the pouches.
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