Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by agniusm » May 08 2015 2:52am

This is great. I like projects like this. Custom made, reused parts, totally blends in the whole theme. Gets that minimalist look with bright accents that stand out. you only need to swap sla's, but that's easy when you have incorporated battery space.
Its a pity that majority of ES builds are crap and examples like this are rare. Congrats on such a good work, desktop wallpaper worthy :).

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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by Jimboyr6 » Mar 27 2016 10:20am

Nice build what tyres are u running there?
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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by wb9k » Mar 27 2016 5:50pm

Beautiful build quality...puts all my stuff to shame, but that's not necessarily hard to do. Agree that SLA pretty much sucks for motive applications, especially something that looks like it could really fly nicely with a good Li ion pack. I use LFP (A123) in my stuff, but even cheap LFP should be a huge improvement over SLA. If you look at my motorcycle thread ... 12&t=63163

you'll get a good idea of what kind of improvement you could expect going to Li from SLA. I've experienced this difference (SLA to A123 LFP) on several devices now, and the difference is always about the same in relative terms. (It's important to note here that I'm using 8S for a "24 V" system and 16S for a "48 V" system, giving me nominal voltages of 26.4 and 52.8 respectively. Some of the advantage I gain in this motorcycle scenario comes from the handful of "bonus volts" I get by running 16S. 14S of LFP would be more of a fair fight, but I'm not going to sacrifice performance of my bike to be "fair" :lol: ) For a pack of equivalent capacity I see roughly double the range, far better (and more consistent) acceleration, and about a ~25% increase in top speed. My pack is over 57 Volts when fully charged, but it doesn't stay above 52 very long, and a 48 V controller can usually handle up to 60 Volts. Lots of guys do this, I'm into my third season with the bike now.

Do you really think your bike is too fast at 48 V? My "48 V" motorcycle will go 60 mph (100 kph) and I want it to go freeway speed!

I am seriously envious of your fab skills. Mine are improving, but have a long way to go. I have a Miles ZX40ST truck thread going on ES as can get a good idea of where I'm at with that one. It don't look like your bike by a longshot. Congrats and good luck should you pursue a battery upgrade!
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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by columbianmatt » May 28 2016 11:25am

Been reading through this build, its amazing. This is what happens when someone who rides (obviously rides to a high standard) builds a bike. The rider knowing about weight distribution etc.. the stealths are great but with all that weight in the rear wheel is why they don't jump well, and in every pic that they try and jump one it looks like they are in a wheelie mode.
Props to this man on his bike knowledge.
So my question to all the tech heads... What battery set up and motor set up would this build need to blow ktm, zero, an whoever else out of the water?
Links to UK websites would be great. As IMPORT TAX is a killer.

Many thanks


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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by E-Chopper » Jul 19 2016 6:52am

Your Derbis Senda conversion look´s awesome !

I have a broken 50cc(90ccSimoni) Motorhispania RYZ it looks similar to the Derbi ....the frame is a Deltabox too but made of Steal not Aluminium.
For my first conversion (Aprillia red Rose ) i need no role model because it was a Costum Chopper Project.... conceived in my mind and build from my Hand´s .

But for my next Project i was searching for some inspiration from other bikebuilders and our Bike is has everything I was looking for.....

For my next conversion i will take your Bike as a role model .
I dont want to imitate your Bike but some details will look similar because your bike is dam cool.

Greetings and thanks for Post it on ES

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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by bionicon » Oct 07 2016 10:40am

Hello what brand of rims do You use?

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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by skeetab5780 » Oct 07 2016 11:20am

Sick looking bike compared to what it looked like as a moto! Just need to get rid of those two lower battery packs and put in some lithium! It will look cleaner

How heavy is it?

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Re: Derbi senda 50cc electric conversion

Post by luc37 » Jan 06 2018 8:05am

Hi, you have a very interesting project !
i saw only a few pictures, because the rest are not available any more, can you post them back please ?

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