13kw mobility scooter

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13kw mobility scooter

Post by try_all » Dec 07 2017 8:01am


just uploaded the video i made

its an electric mobility scooter souped up a little bit :D

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Re: 13kw mobility scooter

Post by John in CR » Dec 08 2017 3:13am

May all of his roads be flat and straight. I may ride some crazy stuff with similar performance and more, but someone would have to pay me to ride that thing. With those tiny wheels on front, how can the steering not be tremendously sensitive? It's nothing like having the width or low CG of a go-kart.

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Re: 13kw mobility scooter

Post by amberwolf » Jan 01 2018 9:54pm

You should post some of the build process and details here. :)

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