Cagiva Supermoto Bulid (4kW Legal)

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Cagiva Supermoto Bulid (4kW Legal)

Post by Bikebrap » Feb 27, 2018 10:14 am

Hi, here I'll be posting progress of my electric motorcycle build.

In October 2017 I bought a used Cagiva Supercity 50, which is technically a moped, so it I can ride it with a driver's licence for a car.
1 Cagiva nova.jpg
2 rastevljna.jpg
-24 kg
3 fit.jpg
Making sure a Heinzman PMS 120 will fit. It's a synchronous motor used in Brammo Enertia
PMS 120.jpg
Motor arrived in January 2018.

tested the motor by connecting it to my electric bicycle
Tested sin/cos sensor with the oscilloscope, forgot to take signal pic, but everything works fine.
Sevcon Gen4 Size 2.jpg
Bought used Sevcon Gen4 Size 2, had to open it for fun :D
3D print.jpg
Designed a motor mount using Solidworks and tested dimensions using 3D printer. Printing with low infill and no faces to save on time and material on first tries.
A millimeter off on one hole, not bad for the first try considering I have no CAD of chassis because it's a 20yr old bike.
Did some quick stress analysis on motor and motor mount because of small front sprocket. Smaller sprocket leads to bigger force on shaft, plus the sprocket is near the end of the shaft ,so combined, it is very "ugly" loaded. Results reveal that shaft really is most critical part, but it is still 2,5 times stronger than ideally required.
Some weight reduction on motor mount. Colours are scaled down, so red (highest stress) is still 4.5 times stronger than ideally required

(March 2018)
Front sprockets arrived, need to change inner diameter and make a keyway.
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Re: Cagiva Supermoto Bulid (4kW Legal)

Post by litespeed » Feb 28, 2018 7:48 am

Very impressive so far. Nice build your going to have.

I'm married so you know I'm no stranger to pain!

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