Advertising threads outside the Online Market

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Advertising threads outside the Online Market

Post by amberwolf » Feb 24 2017 2:32pm

There is a growing problem with vendors and individuals posting ads for things outside the Online Market section of the forum.

Some vendors have made "build" threads that are simply ads for their products.

Others have made "user build photo/vid" threads that are also just ads for their products, and in fact some are even being used as sales threads, with the vendor posting items for sale within that thread.

At least one vendor has actually stated in his rule-breaking sales thread outside the sales area that he has complained to the moderators about people posting about other manufacturers in "his" thread. Since it is not in the sales area, it is not "his" thread, and there is nothing against any rules for others to post about other manufacturers there, as long as it bears on the topic at hand at the time (the thread itself covers many topics based around the stuff he sells, so the original thread topic cannot be used to call something posted off-topic, unless the thread itself is split into various new threads).

This is specifically disallowed in the ES rules.

Numerous posts have been reported, but few have been dealt with.

Why is this being allowed?

Does the ES membership as a whole wish to change the rules and allow ads outside the Online Market areas?

If so, everyone should post here with their vote of yes, allow ads wherever and whenever poeple feel like it (which is what is happening now), or no, keep the no-ads rule as it is. Then remember you'll have to live with all the spam of ads inside your build and discussion threads, and can't complain about it when it starts to happen.

If not, perhaps enforcing this rule would be a good idea, otherwise the issue will simply get worse, as more people and more vendors can use the others that got away with it as an example of what they themselves should be allowed to do.
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