Help me to build BMS system

Batteries, Chargers, and Battery Management Systems.
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Help me to build BMS system

Post by nikhil » Jun 23 2018 12:18pm

Hi :D , I'm designing a BMS. A battery pack is made up of lithium-ion cells. Required power of the battery pack is 340W. I'm using Samsung 18650 26J cells and Battery configuration is 16series 2 parallel, is there any problem with a design for required power? How can I design this please share me some materials of building BMS :)

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Re: Help me to build BMS system

Post by methods » Jun 23 2018 3:03pm


Please use the search function. I assume this is a student project of some sort?
What you are doing is asking to be (what we call) "spoon fed".

What will get you some traction is to dig around, come up with a "rough cut" plan, then accept criticism on that plan
(I.e. there is no shortage around here of folks who will gladly criticize (constructive or otherwise) any plan you come up with... but nobody is going to prepare a business plan for you :)

The ethos of "BMS" is like a 30' deep swimming pool with 18 diving boards and a construction crew working on installing a new wave machine (while you swim).

So give the search button a try (or use Google Advanced Search) on this domain. Start collecting some feedback... once someone gives you feedback do a search of their postings to see if they actually know what they are talking about or if they are just parroting. Proof that someone knows that they are talking about usually comes in the form of completed (or blown up) projects posted.

Pictures, details, failure analysis, ongoing efforts, etc.

Be careful how you interpret the advice you get - meaning sort out what perspective the advice giver is coming from:
Cell phone Industry?
Ebike turn key industry?
Tool pack industry?
Avid tinker'er?

As... all applications depend on *very different* requirements so advice which is ROCK SOLID in one ethos is useless in another
In a nutshell - bias - either intentional or unwitting.

Good luck

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