Inspired Energy NI2040 strange behaviour.

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Inspired Energy NI2040 strange behaviour.

Post by ThierryGTLTS » Oct 12 2018 6:44am


I've an Inspired Energy NI2040 10V8 spare battery that has a strange behaviour.

After several month of storage, it was indicating 0% in my Tektro scope, note that the older original battery from Tektro is still OK.

I've charged it fully (it accepted the charge without any troubles) and the discharging it to 0% to reset the coulomb counter.

Then I've charged it to 100% again and discharging it to about 60% because i've had to store the scope for several months.

But after 2 months, the IE NI2040 is now 0%, but the old original battery is perfect only1-2% loss.

Any idea :?: :!: :!:

When you use it after a full charge, it works perfectly, that's only when storing it that it discharges rather quickly.

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Re: Inspired Energy NI2040 strange behaviour.

Post by amberwolf » Oct 12 2018 10:51am

Assuming it's like the other scope batteries I've seen, it's probably NiCd or NiMH, which too often have high self-discharge, which can be made worse by some of the built in chargers that trickle charge all the time, even if the pack is full.

Yours doesn't sound like the latter type of charger, since it's tracking the charge, but the cells themselves could still have high self discharge, especially if they are in a low state of charge.

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