Sion Power Licerion Li-metal anode batteries

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Sion Power Licerion Li-metal anode batteries

Post by LockH » Feb 07 2018 7:59am

Huh. ESB "Search found 1 match: Licerion"... here, last October: ... 5#p1228595

Update... Sion Power to begin production of Licerion Li-metal anode batteries late this year: ... r-congress

"500 Wh/kg, 1,000 Wh/L, and 450 cycles "...

Individual Licerion cells, with dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm, have a capacity of 20 Ah and offer the highest combination of energy density and specific energy available. At the core of Licerion technology is a protected metallic lithium thin film anode with multiple levels of physical and chemical protection to enhance the safety and life of lithium metal anodes. These anodes are paired with traditional lithium-ion intercalation cathodes.
... and:
Constructed of thin, chemically stable ceramic barriers, Licerion reduces parasitic side reactions, minimizing weight and maximizing energy, cycle life, and safety. Sion says that the Licerion technology doubles the energy density of cells with current mass-market cathodes such as LFP and NMC. It is also applicable to existing cell assembly manufacturing processes.
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Re: Sion Power Licerion Li-metal anode batteries

Post by jonescg » Feb 07 2018 8:24am

Yeah it seems using copper and graphite for the anode is more stable, but less energy dense. Using lithium metal as the current collector seems to improve things, but the electrolyte is critical.

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Re: Sion Power Licerion Li-metal anode batteries

Post by Triketech » Oct 16 2018 11:11am

Not many ebikers are willing to pay the cost of this chemistry yet. They've still got about 15 years of R&D to amortize.

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