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BMS confussion 16S or 17S -- CF-20S90A-A

Posted: Jun 01 2019 9:10am
by damnub

I wanted to wire up my (what i thought was 16s) BMS to my 16S Li-ion pack but Im thinking that it might be 17s. The serial number is CF-20S90A-A. which would be 20S but 3 diodes are not soldered. Image

The balance wires are also confusing to me, it has 19 pins but 2 of them are seperate:

the only wiring diagram i found online is this one: Image

Here is the full album of images:

Im wondering if anyone here used the same bms and has some tips.

Thanks for reading all of this.

Re: BMS confussion 16S or 17S -- CF-20S90A-A

Posted: Aug 07 2019 9:21am
by evwayne
yeah bro, i've got the same board with same confusion with same problem. i've ordered 16S BMS, and they send me this. and it already took 1 month to get delivered, now I'm stuck with this. kindly help me if anyone have the any idea about how to connect this.
my mail id:
this is where I bought : ... rehouse=CN
Thank you in Advance guys.

Re: BMS confussion 16S or 17S -- CF-20S90A-A

Posted: Aug 07 2019 12:10pm
by damnub
ahh exact same problems I see..

I actually fixed it by buying another 16s BMS with clear instructions, kinda the cowards way out but atleast my battery is charging right now!

I bought this one: ... 4c4d6oB16y
it arrived with a instructions printed on paper.

I dont know where you are located but a tip, if you select aliexpress priority shipping it arrives in 5 work days (to me atleast) and its only 50 cents more :)