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Lithium Ion battery won't charge

Posted: Jun 22 2019 2:16pm
by mxkjk2
I have some Lion battery packs that were made by Bren Tronics. Two 12v banks that can be wired in series or parallel. The cells were inactive for a long time. I was able to charge them with the NiMh setting on my charger for about 30 seconds to get the voltage high enough for my smart charger to switch to Lion setting and charge it properly. This was all done bypassing the bms and connecting directly to the batteries. Now they charge fine and hold a good capacity and work well for my application. What I want if possible is to now charge them using the Bms so it will balance charge them much easier and faster. Anyone know if I need to reset the bms or something to get it to charge properly through it again? Pictures attached of the bms being used.