New Battery Technology from XNRGI

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New Battery Technology from XNRGI

Post by kauaicycler » Jul 22 2019 9:08am

I found this today in my news feed and wondered if anyone else heard of this? ... 700-miles/
“We expect our batteries to be used in mobility products like motorbikes, scooters, drones, robots, and more in 2020,”
From the company's home page
XNRGI (exponential energy) has developed the first-ever porous silicon chip based Lithium Metal rechargeable battery technology.

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Re: New Battery Technology from XNRGI

Post by AngryBob » Aug 07 2019 3:45pm

Very nice video sales pitch.

Lots of high-tech graphics.

ABSOLUTELY ZERO physical, usable product shown. This is an idea, not a product. They are shilling for investors, not customers.
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