Review of 18650BatteryStore

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Review of 18650BatteryStore

Post by ElectricGod » Aug 14 2019 3:16pm

I recently needed to buy 600 18650's to build a couple of packs.
I have been using Schenzen e-fire for stuff like this, but there prices for cells and shipping has not been great so I went looking for a new source.

Google found me several US based sources so I started price comparing and then looked up reviews for 18650BatteryShop. Reviews were limited, but I knew worst case, I'd file a dispute on my credit card and get my money I bought 600 cells from them. Cell and shipping costs were reasonable. Original shipping time was reasonable.

I bought Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh 4.9A cells. As a free gift I was supposed to get battery wraps.

Once the order was finished they asked me to review them. What I wrote originally, when I hit submit, it said my review had to be less than 1000 characters long and I was way over. GRRR! Below is the revised review I posted with them.

1. I ordered 600 cells and received 360. I was short 240 cells!

2. I contacted you via email and the next day got a response back. I had to ask several times for status. If I didn't ask for status it was not given. Your people need to be pro-active. At end of the day, I got a short message: "We are sending you 2 boxes with the missing cells in them. Here's new tracking info."

3. There was no explanation about why I was shorted.

4. I asked for battery wraps and received 2 cell battery cases filled with 240 cells. Just leave the cells in their original boxes from the factory. Somebody wasted a LOT of time for something I didn't want. Where are my wraps?

5. Shipping has issues with reading orders and filling them properly. They got it wrong twice, 360 vs 600 cells is a BIG mistake. Battery boxes vs wraps is minor, but your cost to pay somebody to do it wrong costs you!

Posted here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=101823

The real question is:
No changes made and they remain as they are, would I buy form them again?
Yes, but I sure hope they get better at a few things.

The cells are all testing OK. They seem to be the real deal.

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Re: Review of 18650BatteryStore

Post by silentflight » Aug 16 2019 1:26am

Thanks for the review. That's alot of cells!

The last time I bought NCR18650PF cells from IMR Battery they were all the same voltage (to within .01 volt) and had 2700 mAh when tested from 4.2V down to 3.0V, which I considered fine.

I did notice somewhere on the cardboard boxes the cells came in that they were "C" grade cells, did you see any indication of the grade of your cells?

Also, if you care to share any more detail about the capacity testing results, it would be interesting.

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Re: Review of 18650BatteryStore

Post by Headrc » Aug 16 2019 7:50am

PM sent

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