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Updated Grinspector, or other higher power datalogging ideas?

Posted: Jan 23 2020 1:37pm
by john61ct
Grin's Cycle Analyst Grinspector is a battery test station that monitors & controls CC load capacity discharge testing with custom firmware loaded onto a standard CAv2.3 or higher.

I displats available capacity in amp-hours and watt-hours, internal resistance, and a graph of the discharge curve profile

It seems the stock setup from Grin only supports discharging a

36V battery at about 5 amps
48V battery at about 7 amps

over 52V you're on your own

Use a separate dummy load device or DIY resistor bank, space heaters, lightbulbs, hairdryer guts, paralleled nichrome wires, hot water tank elements etc

But even then apparently 35A is the limit at least at 52V

And 72V is the hard limit?

Not sure if that is the case when going this way:

It is also possible to hook up an active electronic load to the discharge port of the Grinspector if you want to test the batteries at programmable constant currents.

Re: Updated Grinspector, or other higher power datalogging ideas?

Posted: Jan 23 2020 1:47pm
by john61ct
So, whatever feedback and usage details on this device is welcome, including links to past threads.

I would rather buy a CAv3 for its normal uses not a v2, so question for Justin, any chance of any update coming?

Not sure how the Grinspector interfaces to control a charger for repeated / varying cycles, does that feature require a Satiator?

But also, I'd like recommendations on how to get higher discharge rates, and ideally higher voltages, without spending many hundreds?

Obviously talking mainly about series'd packs, but suggestions on the ability to test high-Ah capacity cells (100's of Ah) at 1S voltages are also welcome.

I like the idea of the load dump / resistance being separate, so the test controller can handle the widest V&A ranges.

A datalogger completely independent of the test-controller might be good?

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