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Rebuilding battery pack

Posted: Feb 04 2020 8:53pm
by Sebastien D
Hello all, I have rear rack mounted bike battery that I want to rebuild inside a Hailong case. My main concern right now is the step to dismantle it, specially the nickel strip. What's the best way to remove it ? Rolling and cut spike. Cut enough around the edge to be able to fit the cell in the holder and spot weld over the left nickel strip. The pack is running great since 3 years. I just want to change the case. Any other advise to dismantle and building is welcome !

Thanks for your help :)

Re: Rebuilding battery pack

Posted: Feb 04 2020 10:10pm
by amberwolf
it it was working, then dont' remove the strips, and don't disassemble it down to individual cells. leaving existing good welds is much better than risking damage to the cells in removing the strips. etc.

cut them between cells, carefully, so you don't damage the cells' wrapper or insulation under the strips, leaving them in as large sections as possible that will still fit in the new shape and space.

mark where each cut originally connected to (like with dots on dice, use one dot on each side of first cut, two on the second, three on the third, etc), so you can easily and quickly tell where to reconnect each section as you build it into the new shape.

Re: Rebuilding battery pack

Posted: Feb 05 2020 9:26am
by miro13car
I had similar problems dismantling Chevy Volt battery modules.
first rule is to wrap with el. tape other nearby tabs when you work on any given tab.
I cut upper section of 2-cell tab simply with sheet metal cutter and forced the tabs apart.

Re: Rebuilding battery pack

Posted: Feb 22 2020 5:24pm
by Sebastien D
Thanks alot guys :) Very helpful ! Feel more confident now :thumb: