Bionx bike with another Battery

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Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by Speedproject » Mar 23 2020 9:02am

I have bought focus jarifa e bike with bionx motor assist.
The unit doesn't start and the cells in the pack are completely empty.
Can I maybe use my Multistar lipos t get it running. I tried to hook them up to the battery port but the bike don't activate.
Does anyone have a idea how to get it run.
In the momwn im recharging the sine cells to see if the system. Works. If so I will double up the cell count to somewhat like 6p and cruise around with it, because the Corona virus is hitting our city now and I need something steril to ride.
Thanks, Matthias
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Re: Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by AngryBob » Mar 23 2020 7:44pm

Bionx kits are basically booby trapped, replacement is very tricky. Do a search, also user Syonyk, or something similar, had lots of good info. You can make it work with some loss of enhanced functions, not simple but do-able. They are basically good-quality motors.
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Re: Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by spinningmagnets » Mar 23 2020 8:36pm

Those BionX kits have the controller built into the hubmotor. The good part is that it eliminates some of the wiring clutter (Three fat phase wires from the controller to the motor, plus five small Hall wires at a minimum).

The bad news is that only a BionX controller will fit there, so if you want to use the BionX motor, you must disassemble it and run three phase wires out to the outside of the hubmotor in order to use a generic controller. BionX didn't want customers to be able to use a battery from someone else, so when the battery pack died, they had to go back to the dealer that sold the bike to them. Of course BionX out of business now.

If you add ferro-fluid and higher volts (I recommend 52V 14S) you can use an external controller and get even better performance than the stock 36V system, and higher amps too.

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Re: Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by obcd » Mar 24 2020 10:07am

The board in the battery isn't just a BMS. It communicates with the display and the controller in the motor. I have some bionx stuff from a trek bike and the battery seems to be 11S 4P. I have no idea if the BMS board would come back to life when the correct voltage is applied again.
If you don't have the battery anymore or if the BMS doesn't come alive again, your only option is indeed to open the motor and disconnect the internal controller. You have to remove the spokes first before you can separate the motor.

Bionx motors had a buildin torque sensor. No idea if you can rescue that when you supress the original buildin controller.

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Re: Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by Jon NCal » Mar 24 2020 10:18am

Justin has a video on replacing the controller:

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Re: Bionx bike with another Battery

Post by AngryBob » Mar 25 2020 7:13pm

Actually, it is possible on some models of Bionx kits to replace the battery and continue using the existing electronics.

Bionx has at least two major variations with differences in the anti-tampering scheme. Do not recall which series this applied to.

You will have to search it out, posts from several years ago, but essentially after replacing with a normal battery one of the available inputs on the display unit, IIRC, needed to be supplied with a specific voltage and it would function. Most of the features and extra info would not be available, but the motor would be working without replacing the controller.

Bionx is stupidly proprietary and I was only mildly curious, so can't give much more detail.

On the battery itself, it was VERY important to NOT disconnect the BMS from the battery, it will self-destruct. It is apparently possible to replace cells while preventing this, but seemed quite difficult and tedious, but at one time the user I mentioned was doing this as a business. I have no idea if he still does this, have not seen any posts from him in some time. He did have a website devoted to this at one time. From some of the parts costs on Bionx pieces I have seen elsewhere, I would guess that such services are fairly pricey.
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