Luna Charger dead after 10 uses.

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Re: Luna Charger dead after 10 uses.

Post by obcd » Apr 28 2020 7:32am

I could be seeing this wrong on the pictures, but the small pcb has an smd transistor or regulator on it's right bottom corner.
It looks on the pictures like the left part of that component has vanished.
Maybe it's just the picture in which case you can ignore this writing.

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Re: Luna Charger dead after 10 uses.

Post by electric_nz » Nov 05 2020 1:24am

Spoke too soon on my 52V one- first the 80/90/100% function stopped working, now it just shuts off after charging for a few seconds, guessing it’s the voltage cutoff circuit. No obvious signs of burning or dead components inside- guess some part is just not engineered right. Got about 2 years of daily use but still pretty disappointed. Might try reverse engineering the voltage sense circuit and see if it’s possible to bypass it to always stop at 57V or something. At least I can harvest the cool voltage and current display for the next charger

Can’t afford a satiator so interested if anyone has a source for cheap reliable 5A charger!

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Re: Luna Charger dead after 10 uses.

Post by tomjasz » Dec 19 2020 1:22pm

Thanks Justin_le we're here thanks to you. All the best to the mods for their tireless work keeping it on an even keel.

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Re: Luna Charger dead after 10 uses.

Post by neptronix » Dec 19 2020 1:40pm

A charger is literally the last thing you want to cheap out on. It is the MOST crucial aspect of safety for an ebike.

Consider forking out for a quality piece that will last. Buy it from a company that actually makes the product and has a history of perpetually refining their design. That list would include Meanwell,, Delta Q, and perhaps even Junsi ( iCharger ) fits on this list for 36v..

It's a lot better to fork out $300 for one charger that will last long term instead of 4 chargers that last a year for the same price which will just become part of the ever growing e-waste problem.
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