Battery data analysis by CANoe software

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Battery data analysis by CANoe software

Post by Rohit Yadav » May 08 2020 12:40am

Dear all,
I am working on BMS technology. I am using CANoe software by Vector. I get battery data in .MDF file. I want to process it with python file. Can anyone tell me the method which i can use to extract information from this MDF file generated by CANoe file with python. (suggestion with MATLAB is also fine)

Thank you

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Re: Battery data analysis by CANoe software

Post by bww129 » May 08 2020 10:52am

I've worked with CANalyzer quite a few years ago which I believe is similar to CANoe. I'm sure the SW has changed a lot over the years.

Isn't there an option to export trace data in a comma/tab delimited file format? That would probably be easier to process/parse with Python or even something simpler like Excel if necessary.

Edit: Check out these knowledge base links from Vector.
Logging Formats -
Looks like you can do ASCII logging files as well instead of the MDF binary format.

Export of Log File Content to MS Excel -
And you should be able to convert the log files to Excel.

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