Question regarding 52V VS 60V Battery

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Question regarding 52V VS 60V Battery

Post by Vash » Nov 28 2020 8:22am

Question regarding The Zero 10X,

Hi guys I have a question and I would really appreciate some help!

My Zero 10X was a 52V one, and it has been upgraded with two 1600W 60V each motors , two 60V controllers 30A each, yet the battery was untouched at 52V 18AH,

My problem is that my top speed is 54Kmh and it’s not enough for me I’m a big guy, I weigh 110kg,

If I replace the battery to a 60V one will I see major improvement? Or should I do something else.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Question regarding 52V VS 60V Battery

Post by Balmorhea » Nov 28 2020 4:15pm

You will see increased torque, power, and speed. It won't be in exact proportion to the increase in voltage, but pretty close. Maybe 10% higher top speed, if you're lucky.
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