Anyone try this Tab Welder?

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John in CR   100 GW

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Anyone try this Tab Welder?

Post by John in CR » May 14 2021 1:24am

While I realize you probably couldn't do too many consecutive tab welds, this little cordless unit sure looks cool for $39 + shipping.

A vid of it being used ... g&index=15

For that kind of price I'd probably get 3 and hack into one to attach it to a big battery and give it a cooling fan in attempt to make it handle more continuous use as well as avoid waiting to charge with a USB.

john61ct   100 GW

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Re: Anyone try this Tab Welder?

Post by john61ct » May 14 2021 1:33am

Yes if the circuitry works be worth reverse engineering too

fatty   10 kW

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Re: Anyone try this Tab Welder?

Post by fatty » May 14 2021 2:31am

Wow, cool find
That should make spot-welding a no-brainer

Here's an "upgraded" model shipped from USA with separate battery and power level indicators, and replaceable needles. Unclear if it has auto-trigger though.
1S Mini Spot Welder user manual.pdf
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