My new Ping

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My new Ping

Post by Velocipede » Feb 23 2010 5:06pm

I just ordered a 12V20Ah pack to add to my 36V20Ah.
Yes, I wanted more speed, but also, I can fit this small pack on top of my existing battery. A 48V brick does not fit.

As already mentioned in this forum, the charging XLR plug now comes already attached.

The discharge wires are much bigger than my last year 36V pack. They are 10AWG and do not fit in the 30amps anderson metal housing without shaving a couple of braids of wire. This is overkill as the battery is rated for 20A, but I can't complain.

Another new thing: BMS disconnect. The BMS came disconnected and there is an additional connector in the BMS line. I can disconnect it without untaping everything. I guess it is also unnecessary, but I find it a nice touch.

Packing was extreme as always (2 layers of styrofoam and countless of tape).

My only little drawback: zero instructions. Last time, it came with recommendation for wiring and charging. I don't need it, but a new customer may have been clueless about some procedures.

I wanted to post so you know what to expect now from Ping. Looks like he is keeping on top of his things and always try to improve his products.

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Re: My new Ping

Post by 999zip999 » Feb 24 2010 12:18am

Did you tell ping you were going to combine it to make a 48v ? It's the BMS a 48v with a place to plug in your old 36v BMS and a place for new 12v show a pic. of the connections. 40amp. BMS ? Is it just plug and play ?

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