Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack

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Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack

Post by Lock » Feb 12, 2008 7:31 am ... 7,716.html
Expensive LiFePo4 but pretty to look at...
A 55AH monobloc type GMS LiFe BATTERY, lightweight and robust using 6 copper battery terminals per battery for unparalleled low resistance performance for high discharge of over 1000 AMPS continuous for 15 secs. 3000 AMP for 2 Secs. Fast recharge time using 50 amp charger in 64 mins / using micro-processor controlled charging systems.

Model: GMS LiFE 1 High Discharge battery monobloc
Capacity 55AH
Voltage 12 -14 Volts DC
Battery containment High strength polycarbonate
Terminal connection Strong Copper inserts for maximum efficiency and good contact bonding
Applications Very High current demanding profiles
Wh per monoblock 660Wh
Charge current/Time 50 AMP in 1 hour approx to 95% capacity
Max discharge Discharge Rate 1000 amps for 15 seconds @ 20 C : short bursts: 3000amps possible for monoblock: 48V+,1000A continuous.
Estimated cycle life Depends on discharge profile used & temp. Around 1000 cycles or more for profiles of 0-1000 A @25C profile
Dimensions: Length (25.4 cm or 10”) Height to tops of Cu terminals 19 cm
(height to top of block 18cm) 1cm for terminals, width of Monobloc 180 cm
Storage range Storage Temp -50 deg C - +60 deg C
Operating Temp range -30 deg C- +60 deg
Weight 10 KG : Includes BMS and low resistance Cu terminals

Availability : 6-8 weeks : UK & EU only : US rapid charge packs available on request.
( cost is for 1-10 units ) £960.00 PLUS Delivery and VAT per monobloc + GMS certified charger

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Re: Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack

Post by safe » Feb 12, 2008 8:17 am

Hmmmm... Thundersky 3.2v 40 ah $80 * 4 = $320.

...Green MotorSport 12v 55 ah $960.

That's three times more expensive. :(

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Re: Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack

Post by Jozzer » Feb 12, 2008 1:51 pm

Thundersky = 3c max, hardly in the same league! Works out fair compared to A123 (with BMS).
Having said that, i've aproached this company several times about other things (being local, and offering a liquid cooled AC motor!), but they never seem to have anything for sale...just promises for next month/year :(
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Re: Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack

Post by Dalecv » Feb 12, 2008 6:05 pm

I believe the price is shown as 960 British pounds which at the current exchange rate is 1,880.67 USD, plus shipping.

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