Boeing Dreamliner Battery Fire

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Re: Boeing Dreamliner Battery Fire

Post by Joseph C. » Dec 03 2014 5:35pm

Hillhater wrote:There is an interesting discussion on the DIY Electric Car, Battery forum, where it is suggested the charge system was based on an old NiCad design..with no cut off, such that these cells were being constantly held "on charge" at 4.0 volts by the on board APU !
Hard to accept that could be the case, or that there was no mention of it in the final report ,...since it would be a much higher risk potential than a "probable" short !
Yes, that seems ridiculous. I'm sure that GS YUASA would have given Boeing all the battery and charging specs before any deal was done.
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Re: Boeing Dreamliner Battery Fire

Post by amberwolf » Dec 04 2014 2:27am

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