All I want is a Balancer!

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Re: All I want is a Balancer!

Post by chroot » May 29 2013 12:30pm

Yes, 3 balancers in paralleled. It works :lol:
docnjoj wrote: Hey chroot! Do you have those 3 balancers parallelled? That is way cool!
Try using the vehicle's headlight 12V left over in your garage or using the 2 of in paralleled halogen 12V bulbs. It should pull about 5~7A out from battery's cell.

I saw Hyena (Jay) had review about his new balancer 150W comes with 2 of paralleled halogens intergated with the balancers. I'll find the link soon.

Lastly, I found out my iCharger 3010B capable discharge 20A with the resistors or halogens but problem is that they are not individual cell discharger so out of question. Maybe BC168 charger? I used have BC168 charger they are awesome charging individual cells 8 amp but somehow I killed my BC168 charger. bad quality control.... go figure CHINA sucks.

Kingfish wrote: Dogman, I like your idea with the light bulb as a bleeder; I'm looking through a catalog of 5V LEDs but the current rating is pretty dang low @ 10uA. There's a high-powered 5W LED that has a forward voltage of 6.84V that can pull 0.7A. Would one or two of those in parallel work? The Balance wires can easily take 2A @ 5V; they get warm but not hot.

I have a 5V 1A USB AC-DC power adapter (2A available on Amazon), and am going to put together a little breadboard where I can pick which channel to boost-charge and which to drain.

Something to keep me busy this weekend whilst we ponder more sophisticated methods of automation and option... :wink:
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Re: All I want is a Balancer!

Post by iLearn » Jun 01 2013 7:53pm

Hey guys,

just curious, can that new Linear balancer work with Lipoly batteries? The presenter only mentioned Lithium Ion & Lipo4. It looks like a great balancer concept! 8)

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