Winson voltage TCCH Elcon vectrix question

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Winson voltage TCCH Elcon vectrix question

Post by dutchlincoln » Jan 25 2014 4:13am


(Confusing title, isn't it? 8) )

I have a Vectrix VX-2 equipped with 16x Winston 90Ah cells. My intention was to put 100Ah in it, but the person that sold me these, ordered 90Ah (don't ask...)
Now, first place i want my battery space filled to the max, for maximum range and electric freedom. I have more reasons to do so.
Now, i have space to put 2 90Ah cells extra in my compartiment, and my BMS is flexible programmable up to 24S, so 18S woudn't be a problem.
When i order a TCCH charger (Elcon) i figure i can easily ask for a 18S config, as they have to program it anyway.
Now, my dc-dc converter goes to a max. of 72v input it states, so i figure that wouldn't be a problem, but theres a 48V Sevcon GEN4 controller inside, and i don't exactly know the max. voltage of that one...

What would you guys advise?
Charge the Winstons up to 3.7V each, and balance them down to 3.6V or so?
Any advice for balancing settings would also be appreciated.

I figure with those roughly 6 volts extra, my scooter will also run faster. Is this correct? Usually (with any controller) i would say definately yes, but in my case there's a Sevcon that uses field weakening, and it already runs faster as you'd expect it to at 48 volts... What i mean is; When it starts with its field weakening at the same exact voltage, the extra battery voltage wouldn't sort any effect... Am i thinking correct?


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