Elcon // tcch charger question

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Elcon // tcch charger question

Post by dutchlincoln » Jan 26 2014 3:19pm


There's a lot of questions regarding the charging curve settings of a elcon charger.
Now, there's stated that one needs to re-send the charger to Elcon in order to have it re-programmed.
Now, i was searching to a good souce, when i stumbled on a document that said thefollowing;

Choice of Charging Curve (curve 1~10)
1. The LED will flash red several times when AC is first connected, then
the LED will flash green once. The number of
red flashes denotes the present curve.
E.g. If the red flashes three times, it
means the present curve is curve 3.
2. To choose another curve, please cut off the power supply first, then unpeel the
label, pressing the button while connecting the
power. If you want to choose curve 3,
release the button after the 3
LED Flash. Now the selected curve (e.g. curve 3) will
be recorded in memory. If you
want the charger to work wit
h the selected curve (e.g.
curve 3), cut off the power and reconnect it.

Can anyone confirm that this is really true?
If so, it would make life easyer for a lot of us!


ps. Are there definitions of the curve 1-10?

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