Are my old batt chargers worth selling?

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Are my old batt chargers worth selling?

Post by SoSauty » Mar 24 2015 11:11pm

Have a nice sunpower 12V/30A supply and venom 6S balance charger but don't know about my old, 3-4yrs? EMC 400 chargers and an EMC 600 watt charger. They all have Anderson connectors, 1 for 15S 63.2V/5A, 1 for 18S 75.6/3.67A, and the 600 watt is to fast charge the 18S up to73.8V/6A. Then can be topped off with the balance charger.

Are they, all 5, as a package worth $100 more or less? They don't have high hours on 'em, never wore out a pack of lipo using 'em anyway. They worked without issues last time out. Looking for quick sale. Leaving for a friend to sale as I haven't the time or inclination to conduct a sale.
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Re: Are my old batt chargers worth selling?

Post by dogman dan » Mar 25 2015 5:49am

Surely they will sell at half what you paid for them. Just put an ad in the for sale used section for em.

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