12s-3p Lipo battery help for TRAMPA eMountainBoard

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12s-3p Lipo battery help for TRAMPA eMountainBoard

Post by LazySrfr85 » Jul 20 2016 10:55am

Hey, sorry if this has been discussed before but so much info is listed I'm getting confused. I'm not an avid RC hobbyist and I'm trying to make an eMountainBoard using dual Leopard Hobby LC8072 10T motors. I'm wanting to go pretty far and fast but Nowind suggested I try 12s3p configuration using 6pcs 6S 6000mAH batteries. I want to stay with the 12S battery setup but I need suggestions of battery configurations that would limit size and weight? What brand battery? What size battery? I don't want to tack weld my own battery.

Could you also help with how the wiring would be setup? (I read a little about loop keys...and other stuff that I totally got lost in). I'm a noob and really need some guidance (maybe a diagram). I was going to use Dual TorqueBoards 12s ESC's.

Motor Specifications:
● KV: 175
● Lipo cells: 6-12s
● No load current (7.4v): 1.6A
● Max current: 90A
● Power:
● Resistance: .023 ohm
● Prop adapter shaft diameter:
● Motor shaft diameter: 12.0mm
● Dimensions: 80.0 x 72.0
● Weight: 1093g
● Max pull:


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