Is it OK to replace 40ah scooter batteries with 35ah?

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Re: Is it OK to replace 40ah scooter batteries with 35ah?

Post by mark5 » Nov 07, 2017 6:34 pm

Yeah, same concept is what I had in mind.

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Re: Is it OK to replace 40ah scooter batteries with 35ah?

Post by 999zip999 » Nov 08, 2017 1:50 am

Yes but I was trying to suggest to use use modules of 2 and be comparative to the need of use for you there must be a crashed up car or this or that that has high quality or higher type some quality cells to be used. Commercial grade.

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Home stretch for decision on Lifepo4 replacement battery

Post by Windmaker » Dec 08, 2017 11:56 pm

I've have previously received some very good advice from this forum on replacing my four SLA 12v 20ah batteries with Lifepo4's for powering my 15mph, three-wheeled, 800W Chinese mobility scooter. The essence has been that if I wish to switch to Lithium batteries I should get at least a 15ah 48v, or a 20ah 48v optimally. It's also been advised to be wary of getting "crap quality" batteries from ebay. So here I am nearing purchase time and as one of the previous advisors suggested, I'm submitting a couple batteries for your comments and criticisms before making a purchase. Yes, they are Chinese ebay batteries, but I don't know yet how to discern the crap from decent quality. I do know that "V-Power" batteries have been ruled out. Of course the rule of thumb would suggest the less you pay, the less you get, but direct knowledge and experience is the most reliable. USA suppliers prices that I've checked (i.e., Ping) run $5-600 range for 20ah units and I really don't want to pay that much when I can get 4 new SLA's for $140, and there's also the factor that I cannot find anyone willing to service this scooter, so if it develops a mechanical or electrical problem I'm SOL. The California dealer who sold it to me has gone belly up, so I'm not inclined to put too much more investment into it in the event it goes sour on me....if you get my drift.

The two primary issues I'm inquiring about now are:

1. Does anyone know directly about the example batteries I've attached?
2. Is there any possibility that my existing controller box would not be compatible with these batteries?

(Note: I would also appreciate some guidance on wiring and installing if and when we get there)

Sample 1: ... Swnw9aEZdS

Sample 2: ... .l4275.c10

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