New Battery Maintenance/Conditioning

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New Battery Maintenance/Conditioning

Post by nutnspecial » Nov 08 2017 5:46am

In order to enhance/create/promote positive evolution, things need to be stretched/trained towards their current limits, (or BEYOND their current known limits)). . . . Like with your brain or a muscle or a muscle car or a circus elephant :arrow:

Soooooo, I have taken up occasionally charging my cells to 4.5v :D

-36v 30c Zippy Lipoly

-Charge @ 1c and discharge at ~ 1/3 C rating.

-No cells allowed discharge below 3.65v Resting or under Load.

-Ambient temp <<70F - - - Pack temp <<80F

-Time above 4.15v << 15min per day (not including charge time)

->>5x ((normal)) cycles to one overcharge cycle. *Normal= 4.1v through 3.75v resting

And whooo hoooooooooooo there's alot more capacity above 4.2v as well!!!! :twisted:
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In my experience (and in our collective exp here), over discharge has drastically degraded some cells/strings, in even just one occurrence- (However those packs for me did remain in service until self-discharge became a safety concern). But over charging seems agreeable, so far.

Anyway, has anyone tried conditioning their batteries to/with higher voltages?
-Voltage level?
. . . . . Effects?

I'll keep you posted as well of course. Graci-

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