Ultra high power 2 kW/kg fuel cell???

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Ultra high power 2 kW/kg fuel cell???

Post by crossbreak » Nov 09 2017 10:05am

never thought that this is possible, but here it is: The air cooled highpower fuel cell

how could i miss this? The last mercedes benz fuel cell i heard of had around ~10kW at 200kg or so...about 30 times less power dense :shock:

AC64 Fuel cell
Weight: 975g, continous power: 1800W at 46.8V, there is a prototype model that exceeds 2kw/kg

http://www.intelligent-energy.com/uploa ... KPNiCm.pdf
http://www.intelligent-energy.com/uploa ... asheet.pdf
http://www.intelligent-energy.com/uploa ... pqz1wT.pdf

sad that total conversion efficiency of fuel cells is only around 25%, as production, transportation and storage of H2 isnt so easy, too. Still interesting as a range extender for reagions with now infrastructure. Compared to ICE this can have double the efficiency with no harmful emissions

this chart is also interesting:
2017-11-09 15_56_58-AC64_Lightweight_datasheet_gKPNiCm.pdf.png
2017-11-09 16_04_40-41727_IE - UAV Application Guide.V4.indd - UAV_Application_Guide_9pqz1wT.pdf.png

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