A123 20Ah prismatic cells got expanded - What can be done?

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Re: A123 20Ah prismatic cells got expanded - What can be done?

Post by thunderstorm80 » Jan 10, 2018 4:53 am

999zip999 wrote:
Jan 09, 2018 1:30 pm
Like I said I bounce my bike for 4.5 year old pack put together with plastic totes and duct tape I've dumped my bike 3 times I beat the s*** out of it on the trail. I believe you have contaminants inside the cell and or impurities. Maybe overcharge over discharge. But vibration on a road bike I don't think so.
I personally would not puncture and reseal the pouch as I do not have a place to safely store and charge them.
Do you have a full suspension on your trail bike? Because if you do, even the biggest shocks you can create on a trail ride, are nothing to the regular road bike shocks which have both a rigid frame, thin tires, and no suspension.
Of course I will not puncture them... This can introduce oxygen and water which is silly and dangerous. I will just compress those cells using thick aluminium plates and metal cable ties (hopefully the (a bit) bloated cells won't vent), and use this as an emergency 12V battery for all kind of uses.

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Re: A123 20Ah prismatic cells got expanded - What can be done?

Post by 999zip999 » Jan 10, 2018 1:55 pm

Hardtail no suspension riding on horse trails which means the horses makes Prints they dry hard and it like cobblestone. Plus my bike goes 50 miles an hour on the street so I take three times the abuse of your road bike takes. I feel lucky to have my batteries last as long as they have. Plus 16,896 miles . The only thing that has last are the batteries three controllers for 4 Motors couple throttles, lots of tires and tubes. Same batteries. Oh 4 set of sense wires.
I just don't think the cells are fragile in that way

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