headway 40150

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headway 40150

Post by Gregb » Jan 04 2018 5:14pm

Gday everyone. Benn a bit crook for the last year or so and my lifepo4 battery has carked it due to no use. Has anyone any experience with these headway cells. Some figures look OK but quoted 0.5c! Or any one in oz know a good supplier here. Got my last one from a certain gentleman in China but don't know if he's still around.

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Re: headway 40150

Post by XLR8 » Jan 07 2018 5:27pm

I Have recently bought 10 Ah Headway cells from a chap from the Gold Coast through Ebay. Initial testing seems okay. I have replaced the lead acid battery in my mower with these lithium cells and the cells are performing very well. Especially when they are half the price. Good hunting.

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