25,2kW battery Pack [pictures coming soon]..

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25,2kW battery Pack [pictures coming soon]..

Post by DasDouble » Jan 26 2018 4:37pm

My battery is finally finished. I have upgraded it to the really, absolute maximum that no one has ever done before. It is capable to deliver up to 25,2kW continiously (peak). It weights 16kg and has a capacity of 3.2kWh. All done by myself over the years after improving and improving and more improving hehe.. The diameter are: 12,5cm x 34cm x 28cm. It should be able to get charged in about 45 min - 1 hour. Have not stoped the time for that before.

Yes, made out of Li-Ion, not LiPo. More updates and pictures coming soon.

Cheers, Elias 8) :pancake:
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