Nano Flow Cell Development - Open Sourcsame

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Nano Flow Cell Development - Open Sourcsame

Post by usertogo » Feb 20, 2018 5:51 am

I had a lot of hope for Nano Flow Cell 'Batteries', but find the development stuck?
Lets think about Open Source, lets collect info and see if it is possible?

Hello electric vehicle enthusiasts, engineers, physics wizards & family

Those of us who like electric vehicle technology probably have heard about a Nano Flow Cell powered Quant and Quantino 'electric vehicles'?

Time is flying - It has been already a few years since these were introduced - while the published specs impressed and the cars looked like close to ready for manufacturing - I sense that there isn't even a project to commercialize them (has there ever been one?)...

The part of the specs I remember now was 1000km range out of 600Wh per liter of chargeable fluid. I hope that counts as half a liter anolyte and half a liter catholite... I think it would be extremely competitive and scalable, and probably at a decent scale much cheaper than Lithium Ion cells! in 200liters of it you'd have 20% more capacity than Teslas top 100kWh pack (nominal?)

I can envision this to be the optimal solution in solar yacht catamaran design. And I consider it a fair challenge to want to build one like that to escape to water world eventually...
My attempts to contact the Nano Flow Cell company have not resulted in any answer so far, and I have started to look if I find research universities or maybe open source projects that do any work on flow cells at all... No hit so far...

As always there is reason to hope to find some interesting leads in what I consider a collection of the worlds brightest electron heads :)

At least - may the seed be planted!

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