2-Part Cushioning Jell

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2-Part Cushioning Jell

Post by BlueBell » Mar 04 2018 1:03pm

Do you know of a 2-part jell I could pour around a 30 pound, 100 ah lifepo4 battery to cushion impact in a racing boat?
Water pounding is not the issue, hitting awash (submerged) 3-foot diameter, 50 foot long logs is.
Thank you.

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Re: 2-Part Cushioning Jell

Post by The fingers » Mar 04 2018 1:14pm

Not sure if this could be applicable, but is a funny TV commercial. :)
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Re: 2-Part Cushioning Jell

Post by Voltron » Mar 04 2018 1:53pm

There's other ones out there, but Spar Tite is one... It's used to pour around sailboat masts where it goes thru the partners ( the hole in the deck the mast goes thru) . It's a nice non shrinking, high compression rubber seal when it kicks.

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